Outstanding Execution Statistics

Since 2010, Yadix has focused on delivering the best execution possible as your trading results are directly connected to the performance of your broker, below we have recorded the most important statistics of the factors that will impact and improve your trading performance.

Exceptional Order Filling

Order execution is the base for your success. We continuously challenge ourselves to deliver the best execution levels possible by upgrading our technology infrastructure and liquidity providers as an ongoing process.

Order Filling Accuracy
78% Of trades filled at
requested price or better.
Average execution speed
15milliseconds 99.4% of trades executed in
15 milliseconds or less

Slippage is usually considered negative; however did you know that DMA brokers have positive slippage (price improvement) that adds to your profits.


Execution speeds rely on the liquidity banks and therefore, execution speeds can range between 6ms-150ms (dependent on the execution venue).

Improve your Profitability

Price improvements can increase your trading results. Our technology set-up and direct to markets execution model (NDD) allows you to benefit from price improvements on your fills and increase your profits.

% of orders with price improvements

Of Buy or sell orders filled
with price improvements.
% of pending orders filled at requested price or better
Stop loss, take profit and pending
orders filled at asking price or better.
Average price improvement

Pip difference between requested
and executed price of price
improved limit orders

Positive slippage is when your trade is filled at a better than expected price to give you more profits.


Statistics verify the benefit of trading with most accurate order filling of pending orders.


Price improvements can happen any time, however positive slippage is more likely during volatile conditions.

Experience Faster Filling

Forex is a fast moving market, where delays costs money. Experience the fastest order execution possible and benefit from lightening speeds, no execution delays and high-precision order filling.

Average Connection Speed to Server
2milliseconds Average ping speeds
using the Forex VPS.
Lowest Execution Speeds
6milliseconds Complete order execution
filled as fast as 6ms.

London VPS located close to Equinix LD4 reduces latency and accelerate your order execution.


Execution speeds as low as 6ms are regularly recorded to give you the fastest execution anywhere.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Accurate order execution relies on the number of prices (ticks) quotes provided by our liquidity providers. Yadix uses multiple liquidity, which allows for maximal price ticks to be fed to the MT4, the more prices received the more accurate your order filling is.

Price ticks are the new prices that are available to execute orders on the MT4 platform that are fed from the deep liquidity pool. The more price ticks received, the less likely it is that traders will experience slow order execution or slippage. The price aggregator is unrestricted and can easily handle 1000's of ticks (price quotes) fed to the MT4 at any one time.

Equinix LD4 is the leading server location for the financial markets, with the most bank liquidity providers hosted at and cross connected to Equinix LD4. This connection technology allows for lower latency which means faster and more accurate order execution.

The liquidity provider is the execution venue of your trades. The prices your orders are executed at are the prices that the banks are willing to offer. As Yadix uses multiple liquidity providers, competition is created which leads to more competitive spreads and higher frequency price ticking.

When using just one liquidity, clients suffer from slower execution, higher spreads and less accurate order fills. Multiple liquidity providers allows for higher tick frequency, lower spreads and faster execution to combine to give traders much higher execution quality.

Best bid and ask pricing is an model for the execution of our client's trades . The best prices from within our liquidity feeds are displayed on the MT4 and are available for client's to trade at, this leads to the lowest and most competitive spreads at all times. For example, UBS bank may offer a low bid price, but the ask price is unattractive causing a high spread. At the same time Credit Suisse is offering a better ask price so the two bank's prices are combined to give you the lowest spread possible at all times.

Slippage is the difference between the requested price compared to the actual filled at price. Slippage is unavoidable and is often referred to as negative, but in fact slippage is often positive for traders as they experience price improvements. This is achievable due our direct to markets execution model using low latency technologies and multiple liquidity providers.

No, as Yadix executes all trades directly to the real forex markets (liquidity providers), we operate a no dealing desk and no conflict of interest brokerage model. Our interest is to provide all traders with an environment where they can maximise your potential using any startegy.

Yadix broker is set up to support scalpers, all EAs and profitable traders, therefore there are no restrictions on how many trades a client can open at any one time, furthermore, each account allows micro lot trading to ensure you can manage your risk properly and control your trading exposure efficiently.

The maximum trade size by default is 100 lots (10,000,000 million) per trade, however this is easily increased based on your requirements. Yadix will simply connect you to our institutional level bank liquidity to increase your per order level.

A requote is a method used by a market maker (dealing desk broker) when trading against clients to avoid accepting a trade at a price that is not favourable for the broker. As a true STP broker (no dealing desk), using market execution you are free to execute trades at the price you want and we guarantee no requotes.

All trades are executed directly to the liquidity provider with no interference and are 100% protected from manipulation with anonymous execution. The liquidity simply receives an instruction to buy or sell a trade from Yadix, no details of the client, account number, EA used, SL or TP information are visible.

All strategies can benefit from trading at Yadix, however, fast and accurate execution is most beneficial for Scalpers, News traders, arbitrage and HFT traders. As Yadix does not make money on client's losses but instead profits are made on volumes generated (Agency model), we are happy to welcome all profitable strategies.

Yadix matches your order to the liquidity provider offering the best bid/ask price and executes your transaction instantly through the forex bridge. The bridge has the capacity to execute thousands of orders per second to ensure the execution of your trade is not queued or delayed.

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